Brake Services at Chatom Ford

Ensure Your Safety on the Road

Modern vehicles are equipped with some amazing safety features. We now have the technology that allows your car to mitigate impending collisions, recognize traffic signs, and even keep you in your lane if you start to drive astray. With all of these recent developments, no one should ever take the most important safety features for granted. In order to ensure your safety on the road, you must keep your brakes in good working order.


Professional brake maintenance is absolutely essential in keeping you and everyone in your car safe from harm. If you believe it's time for a checkup, you can always depend on our skilled team at Chatom Ford.

Your vehicle will receive top-quality care in our service center. Our team of trained automotive experts can inspect all the system's complex parts and functions, and we will clearly explain the diagnosis when we've determined the issue. We have all the parts, tools, and expertise needed to get you back on the road with reliable brakes. Our services also come at a budget-friendly price so that nothing will come between you and peace of mind.

How Can You Tell If Your Brakes Need Maintenance?

Your vehicle's brakes are vital to your safety, so there's no room to take risks by ignoring potential problems. Any issues will only grow worse as long as you drive on them, so don't procrastinate when you notice that something isn't right. If you ever suspect that your vehicle's braking is not as quiet or smooth as it should be, play it safe and let us have a look.


Indicators can vary from car to car, but look out for these common signs that it's time for maintenance:

  • Slack brake responsiveness
  • Grinding sound or feeling
  • Screeching or whining noise
  • Vibrating or shaking

There are many other warning signs that could signal bad brakes, but these are some of the most common reasons drivers bring their cars to our service enter. If something sounds wrong or feels odd, trust your senses and bring it to us. We'll make sure that your brakes function like new, and you can return to the road with confidence.

Fast and Easy Brake Service at Chatom, AL

At Chatom Ford, we do all that we can to make your service experience convenient and stress-free. We offer unbeatable customer service at a reasonable price, and we hold the safety of you and your passengers as the highest priority. We encourage you to schedule brake service whenever you notice an issue beginning to develop. Our experts will ensure that you and all your passengers will be safe for miles ahead.