Lease a Ford F-150 near Mobile, AL

Lease a Ford F-150 in Chatom, AL

It is pretty obvious why you want to get behind the wheel of a Ford F-150. This classic American pickup truck is powerful and just feels right. If you have not had the chance yet, you should test-drive one of the F-150s we have on the lot at Chatom Ford.

If you know you want a Ford F-150 and have not decided how to pay for it, or you are on the fence because of payments, consider leasing. Leasing a vehicle is an amazing alternative to the traditional method of financing a purchase.

Leasing means making a monthly payment to keep the vehicle for a set amount of time. Once your lease is up, you return the vehicle. At that point, you can choose to lease another F-150, if you truly do love it, or lease a different model.

At Chatom Ford, there are a wide variety of leasing specials available to you. Get in touch if you have any outstanding questions or want to go over your options.

Why Lease an F-150?

There are myriad benefits of leasing your Ford F-150 over purchasing it. Leases are usually much more affordable than purchasing, you are not burdened with taxes and value fluctuations typical of pricier assets, and you are not tied down to your purchase. A lease is a no-obligation contract that expires once the terms of the lease are up. Leasing is a truly smart way to manage paying for your F-150.

The monthly payments you make on a lease tend to be lower than the monthly payments you would be making on a financed purchase. If those savings are not enough to convince you, consider that you also will not be paying sales or property taxes. Since you are not technically "purchasing" a leased vehicle, you are not held liable to pay taxes on it. As far as the IRS is concerned, you are "paying for the right to drive the car." That said, you still get the advantage of calling the F-150 your own.

Another big headache that is removed from the picture when you lease is vehicle depreciation. You probably know that vehicles depreciate in value over time. That is why used trucks are cheaper than new trucks, and this can also make selling a vehicle you own an arduous process. With a lease, you never have to worry about your truck depreciating in value. Once the terms of your lease are up, we at Chatom Ford will figure out what to do with the used truck, so you don't need to worry.

Finally, leasing gives you the opportunity to try many different vehicles in a shorter amount of time. If you purchase a truck, in several years' time, you will be making payments on an outdated model. When you lease, however, in a couple of years, you get to trade in that 2021 F-150 for a newer F-150 or another model. Leasing lets you continually update your model to stay on top of the newest trends and technologies in the automobile world.

Lease a Ford F-150 at Chatom Ford

At Chatom Ford, we have many different leasing deals and specials on our variety of F-150s. These leases vary based on our inventory, factory specials, and many other seasonal and daily factors. What that means for you is that the specials are time-sensitive. If you see a vehicle you like with a lease you can afford, try snagging that deal today. There is no guarantee that the same price will be available tomorrow.

Come visit us and check out our expansive inventory of Ford F-150s. At Chatom Ford, we are passionate about two things: our vehicles and our customers. We offer affordable leases because we are dedicated to making sure everybody drives home in a vehicle that makes them happy. There is no catch - just an intent to provide the best customer experience we can. Our dealership is located at 16978 Jordan St., Chatom, AL, 36518, and our associates are eager to put you behind the wheel. Come on into Chatom Ford and drive home in an F-150 that won't break the bank.