Drive Belt Replacement Service in Chatom, AL

Drive Belt Replacement Service at Chatom Ford

A drive belt replacement is one thing many Mobile drivers are unaware needs to be on their list of automotive services because it isn't a frequent service - often needed only once in the normal lifespan of a car.

If you're wondering what the drive belt in your car is, you aren't alone! The drive belt is one of the mechanical components that is attached to the engine to help power other components like the water pump, power steering pump, AC compressor, and the alternator. Some cars only have one drive belt while others have two drive belts. Single belts are often called serpentine belts in manuals and in auto shops.

If it's time for your drive belt to be replaced, it's important that you have this service done quickly so that bigger problems can be avoided. If you drive belt snaps, you won't be able to drive your car at all. Schedule your drive belt replacement at Chatom Ford today.

When Do You Need a Drive Belt Replacement?

Some automotive services have mile-based times that help you know when it's time for service, but most manufacturers don't specify a mileage for the drive belt because the wear and tear it gets over the years is dependent on many factors like how clean the engine area is, the heat here in Mobile, and if oil has ever been spilled on the belt.

While there isn't a specific mileage that your drive belt needs to be replaced at, you can look at the belt for signs that a replacement might be imminent. When looking at your drive belt, check for cracks, missing ribs, or notches that look to be too close together. While you can check your drive belt yourself, you can also get a professional second opinion from our technicians here at Chatom Ford. Ask your Chatom Ford technician to take a look at your drive belt each time they complete another routine service on your car.

Schedule a Drive Belt Replacement Service Near Mobile, AL

Cruising around Mobile with a worn-out drive belt is risky and could cost you much more than the price of a replacement service if the belt breaks. Schedule your drive belt replacement service at Chatom Ford as soon as you notice wear and tear on your drive belt. We'll get your belt replaced quickly so that you can drive with extra peace of mind!